Sonia Primerano started her photography career in 2011. At the start of her career, she was involved in behind-the-scenes photography of films and music videos. After four fruitful years of work, she decided to take up life style photography, food photography, wedding photography and life style photography.

And since then she has been consumed by this passion. She thinks creatively, with a special zeal to succeed in situations that push her beyond her limits!

She also launched her own YouTube channel, where she expresses herself through videos. She was recognized as one of the best photographers in Seattle.

Career start

She first started working in the business as a production photographer, shooting stills and behind the scenes. This passion then grew into coverage of events, weddings and gatherings. From there Sonya discovered his complete love for capturing the spontaneous and the fleeting, the moments that seep through.

She brings this style to every project with a special flair from travel and nature photography to lifestyle and product photography.

In all the chaos of life, she seeks to capture the hidden beauty and truth. To catch the feeling, the essence of moments, people, places, things; open, honest and beautiful. The truth is that beauty is everywhere and in everyone. Sometimes you just need to look.

Successes in various aspects

Sonya excelled not only in photography. She is a poetess an herbalist and herbal product manufacturer who recounts her journey through the memory of the ways of her ancestors.

This is her way to deepen her connection with Nature and restore the wisdom of all those who came before her so that others too can cultivate this forgotten but inalienable knowledge.

You can find her in the garden singing with the birds, making candlesticks by hand, spending time with her husband, or preparing medicinal herbs in her spare time. She is an amazing and creative person.

An herbalist is a person who understands, loves and understands the powers of herbs. This knowledge can be passed on by previous generations or “absorbed by the roots of the family”, as our enlightened colleagues say, and age, marital status, social status are not important for a herbalist, he simply exists in this world and is ready to help everyone who needs it.

Herbs for the herbalist

“Herbs for the Herbalist”… this is the whole Universe. For example, the herbal universe is a bit mystical in places: with the traditions of different peoples, legends and rituals. In some places – purely scientific: with analysis of chemical compositions, insight into the chemical characteristics of active substances and experiments.

In some places it is disturbing: when one of the relatives suddenly falls ill and needs support, and in other places it is just a pleasure: with a cup of your favorite tea, collected with your own hands. There are always true friends in this universe.