Everyone can take a camera and take pictures of everything without prior settings. At the same time, it is most likely that you will not be able to get a beautiful picture. Those who want to become a real photographer should first learn how to properly select the contents of the frame. The light must be correctly selected, the lens adjusted. These rules are the same for any technique, regardless of whether you have to shoot with an old or the latest digital camera.

Becoming a professional photographer from the very first days is impossible. You will have to take a huge number of pictures before a real masterpiece is born. In this regard, digital technology has many advantages.

An unsuccessful frame can be deleted at any time. Each novice photographer should identify for himself the genres of the art of photography, which he will pay attention to in the first place. To become a professional, you can not spray. It is rare to find a specialist who would be well versed in all branches of a particular field of activity.


Portrait photography was born already when people learned how to take the first pictures. Here, artists tried to repeat the images of painting. The first portraits were quite expensive. Only aristocrats could afford them. They took pictures both on their own and with their family members. Some old photographs have survived to this day and are now in museums around the world.

A portrait is not only a picture of a face. If a person is depicted in full growth, this is also considered a portrait shot. Any school of photography primarily includes this genre in its course. Models can shoot both outdoors and indoors. It is important to

The main focus was on the individual. No details should distract attention.

Separately, it is worth noting the studio shooting. This type of portrait photography is relatively young. Previously, stars were shot in this way for fashion magazines. Today, everyone can please themselves with a photo shoot in the studio. Artistic photography in this case consists in the correct selection of the background and the organization of lighting.

Still life

This genre of photography also evolved from painting. Artists depicted beautifully arranged fruits and vegetables in their paintings. The image was supplemented with beautiful fabric and dishes. As soon as the first school of photography appeared, still life also began to be popular. From the French “nature morte” literally means “inanimate nature.” Professional photographers, like artists, are able to beautifully convey to the viewer the meaning of the existence of certain inanimate objects.

For a long time, still life belonged to an unclaimed genre. The technique and art of photography were taught in schools for informational purposes only. With the development of information technology, still life has become very popular. With it, photographers hone their professional skills. Besides, how can you remember an online store without product photos? After all, the image of a product is a still life.

Today, still life occupies one of the first places among all genres. The history of photography tells us that the emotional power of images of objects was not inferior to portrait shots before. At the moment, this trend is lost. But without still life, the existence of online stores would be impossible.


The classic genre that involves shooting nature is called landscape. This branch of the photography industry can be called the most emotional. It is from nature that every aspiring photographer can draw inspiration. And some of the pictures are so amazing that it’s hard to take your eyes off them.

It is difficult for a beginner to master the landscape from the very first days. Anyone can take photos of the landscape. But the point is not to capture the moment. The state of mind of the photographer must be conveyed through the image.

The process of finding a good shot can be complicated by various natural phenomena. Unlike a studio, bright sun, rain or strong winds can interfere with work outdoors. Sometimes a photographer has to work for weeks to get a really good shot.