With the advent of a new generation, classical lyrics have been replaced by new forms. But modern poetry, like all modern art, evokes mixed feelings – many consider it primitive and strange.

Such stereotypes help to break down poetry slams – new authors appear at them, and the public, through creativity, becomes more loyal to “non-classical” poetry. How technology affects poetry, why the texts of rappers can also be considered poems?

Why poetry is immortal

A person gets acquainted with poetry in childhood, but the trouble is that from the school bench everyone reads mostly classics. And often this habit remains for life. Few people know good modern authors, go to poetry readings, considering them boring and “freaky”, understand new poetry, and even more so read such poems. Because of this, a stereotype is gradually forming in society that poetry has long since died or has become primitive and monotonous. But this is just a big misconception.

Over the past 20 years, the world of poetry has undergone significant changes – technology has not left this area without influence. Autocorrect, search engines, neural networks and other tools – the authors choose a variety of ways to create. It is this approach to creativity that makes it possible to discover new forms.

If a hundred years ago everyone relied on the simplicity of acmeism and the unusualness of futurism, now more daring forms are in demand – video and audio poetry, digital poetry and others. Poetry does not stand still and, moreover, does not die, as many mistakenly believe, it changes and adapts to modern realities, acquiring new forms.

Technology helps young poets not only create new things, but also promote themselves. If earlier novice authors wrote to the table for a long time, now the Internet and social networks allow you to quickly find your audience. This inspires more people to create – in our time, writing poems is available not only to the “chosen ones”. And the more authors declare themselves, the more likely it is that among them there will be a “sun of new poetry”.

Audience perception of poetry

If we talk about the perception of poetry by the audience, then now this type of creativity as an independent unit is no longer so in demand. This is due to the fact that every year there are a lot of different formats in this area.

And over time, poems began to be perceived as something applied – now they can be matched with music or with something else. This is an important characteristic of contemporary poetry over the past 20 years.

Moreover, modern poetry may well become immortal classics in time. Because such creativity is a kind of marker of our generation. Poems of poets or texts of songwriters reflect everything that is happening in our time. Also, through them, the feelings and emotions of people living now are transmitted. Of course, not all names will reach our children or grandchildren, but some authors and their works will forever remain in history.

Found poetry, digital poetry and wedge heels – what has come to replace the usual forms

Modern forms in poetry respond to modern demands – the authors try to use all the possibilities of technological development in creativity. This is how new genres and forms are formed. Among all the currents of poetry of our time, seven particularly striking ones can be distinguished:

  • Network poetry – this format includes all works posted on the network;
  • Video poetry is a technique of combining video and text in order to better convey the essence of the poem;
  • Audio poetry – works published not in the form of text, but in the form of an audio recording;
  • Tankette – poems of 5 words, 2 lines and 6 syllables, written without punctuation marks;
  • Digital poetry is a poem written using only numbers;
  • Found poetry (found poetry) – a work is created by borrowing words, phrases, and sometimes entire passages of text from existing sources;
  • Poetry T9 – poems written using words offered by autocorrect on the phone

He especially singles out “found poetry” from this list. The essence of the format is to create a poem from other texts – they can be either a full-fledged work or a note left by your mother. One of the ways to work in it is for the author to arm himself with a pencil or pen and begin to cross out all but one or two words from the sentences in the original text, and then compose a poem out of them.

New heroes – how poetry slams help

Modern poets have two main problems – the inability to promote themselves qualitatively and the lack of venues for performance. Because of this, many authors hide their heads in the sand and continue to write on the table. Various poetry festivals and slams come to the aid of the authors.

By participating in such events, poets get the opportunity to express themselves, perform on stage and improve the quality of their works by studying the work of other authors. Also, poetry slam forms a certain community of poets – it is easier to create, knowing that you are not alone.