Photography in the LIFESTYLE genre is photography of simple life moments and everyday events, sincere emotions and habitual states. This is an attempt to capture in the frame what fills our life.

The goal of lifestyle photography is to create a story of our everyday life. This is a mix of the best qualities of reportage and staged photography. On the one hand – the willingness to “seize the moment”, on the other hand – thoughtful work with light and composition. Lifestyle photography is live, real pictures of our lives.

In short, the lifestyle genre

About the individuality and uniqueness of human relations. It involves capturing the natural behavior of people in their familiar surroundings. Photographers capture those most important little things, habits and moments that add up to happy everyday life and that you don’t want to forget.

Memories of events become, over time, less detailed, but people always remember the emotions associated with them. Family breakfast on Sunday morning, a trip to your favorite cafe or a walk in the park near the house. Autumn, summer, warmth, coolness, rain, wine, lemonade, laughter, plaid, coffee, bakery, smell of cinnamon, flowers, home, love.

The photographer’s skill here is to capture emotionally charged relationships between family members, friends or lovers. Find a balance between naturalness, truthfulness and the need to occasionally use the production. Difficult task! The result, however, should be the same – to breathe joy into the very heart of the picture and capture the best moments of a separate, so unlike anyone else’s life.

The now fashionable direction in lifestyle photography is gathering more and more supporters both among photographers and among those who stand on the other side of the lens.

Suddenly, everyone wanted more movement, real life, emotions in unglamorous, completely unpolished photographs. It’s not the framing rules that get into the frame, but feelings, and unretouched wrinkles near the eyes – their own life story of the characters, which is dearer to them than the ideal beauty of youth.

This type of photo session gives the photographer scope for choosing a location, shooting style, creating the image of heroes. EVERYTHING is allowed! You can shoot in the studio, at home, on the street and even at work. The main thing is to show real life, emotions, atmosphere. Such shooting will cut off everything unimportant, leaving feelings and mood in the frame, memories of bygone days and will take its rightful place in your family album.

With the seeming simplicity of such shootings, it is not so easy to create a small photo story that will remind parents in the future about the whole age period of their baby, or show the mood, state of mind, experiences of adult characters.

The most important thing in such shooting, it seems to me, is the trust in the photographer and his ability to create real, live shots. And I express my deep gratitude to all those who trust me and come back to me again and again.

Lifestyle is different from shooting baby natural

Baby natural and Lifestyle are in many ways similar in their style – natural / natural / close to life photos. But, Lifestyle is more of a reportage shooting, and the photographer comes to it without any additional equipment and props. Only with a camera and flash (if necessary).

And for such shooting, the interior in which the shooting takes place is very important – it should be a spacious and bright room (not crowded), preferably with a parent’s bed / plain light blanket (on which shots are taken) and free space against the wall. The interior of the house (or studio) will be present in the frames as a reflection of the reality of the present time.

And for BABY NATURAL, a special posing pillow / stand and a place for a flash on the stand and at least a window / white background (for shots with parents) are required.