The main polysyllabic festival of unification of the North-East! This is a 4-day festival of music, dance, therapy and the expressive arts. It is a live art show, a venue for rituals, permaculture and circus arts, organic food, a 16-acre lake, and a general awe of life and land ownership.

Sharing wisdom, thoughts, dancing, singing, drawing, stories, poems and songs, harmonizing thoughts, hearts and bodies, respecting nature, themselves and each other, shamelessly people come together to celebrate common beauty.
The Unifier Festival brings together an amazing group of inspiring artists and educators.

Alternative culture, festivals

The event is a respect and meeting of various subcultures, a sacred world festival of music, yoga and dance. It is a living artistic performance, a place for rituals, permaculture, sculpture and circus arts, as well as workshops on topics ranging from justice to hula hoops, from beekeeping to change.

Over the years, the bulk of the proceeds from the Unification Festival will help feed and maintain the land owned by the community.

By attending this gathering, showing up and having a good time, you are helping to create a place where people come together to share creativity, culture, knowledge and wisdom through various mediums in the healing and expressive arts, and focus on the relationship between health and nature.

The purpose of the festival

The main goal is to leave a more beautiful land than found. And use these days together as fertile ground for new ideas and projects.
From the very beginning, the goal of the Unifier Festival has been to provide a world-class gathering for healing and inspiring self-expression, where all participants simply need to be present to support a community-owned hub for like-minded people to meet.

Unifier Festival is a transformative healing and expressive arts festival in Massachusetts. The annual event includes a range of live DJs, yoga, belly dancing, live painting, circus art, organic food, workshops and more.

Philosophy of dance

“Belly” means life, but belly dance means the dance of life. After all, what associations appear with the word “life”? Of course, with a woman-mother, with the earth. Belly dance with movements reflects the process of conception, then – the bearing of a child and his birth.

Therefore, erotic elements are included in the dance. Civilizations developed, dance changed and went beyond the strict boundaries of religion. Another direction of its use appeared – secular, the dance began to entertain the people of the East.

Yoga is a philosophy of body and soul

Yoga is an ancient Indian esoteric tradition, the foundations of which were first systematized by the famous guru Patanjali, who lived in the 2nd century BC. However, it would not be correct to consider only Patanjali as the founder of this philosophy, because it is believed that yoga was transmitted to humanity directly by the Creator through his messenger-avatar Krishna to the ancient Indian prophet Arjuna.

The foundations of this teaching were scattered throughout the ancient Indian epic – from the Vedas to the Puranas. However, it is quite difficult to establish the exact historical framework of the emergence of this teaching.

The teaching of yoga is multifaceted. Its main goal is to achieve nirvana (complete union of creation with its creator). The very meaning of the Sanskrit term “yoga” is translated as “combination”. That is, the combination of the created with its creator.

There are many forms of yoga. Yoga of action (karma-yoga), yoga of faith and worship (bhakti-yoga), yoga of knowledge (jnana-yoga), yoga of regulated breathing and correct postures (hatha-yoga), yoga of awakening energy in the spine (laya-yoga), correct the use of sounds and words (mantra yoga), the yoga of meditation and contemplation (raja yoga) and others. Each of them carries a single meaning – the achievement of certain steps on the way to a single goal.