The very word genre means a kind, kind, in the history of literature and art, which is used to define areas of creativity, united by a thematic and figurative community.

The folding of genres is usually a long and complex process, indicating that an art form has reached creative maturity. Fine art, for example, has existed since time immemorial, and painting genres have developed only by the XV-XVI centuries, in the Renaissance.

The forms of creativity that have appeared in recent times, and these include, in addition to photography, cinema and television, went through the process of folding genres in a shorter time. The fact that each of these arts had its own predecessor, by analogy with which development took place at first, had an effect.


Like previous genres of photography, architecture was born almost immediately. There is a great resemblance to the landscape. The only difference is that the objects are various buildings and structures. There are also distinctive features. Great attention is paid to the correct choice of shooting point. It is most advantageous to rent a building from a hill. For example, one house can be photographed from the roof of another.

Architecture is one of the most complex genres. Finding the right position is often complicated by traffic and weather conditions. In addition, it is not always possible to convey details through the camera lens. Shooting architecture requires expensive equipment.

Reportage shooting

Today this genre is quite common. And reportage shooting began to become popular only in the second half of the 20th century. Few people know that pictures of various events and holidays are a reportage.

It is believed that the photographer simply shoots this or that event. In fact, reporting is an opportunity to convey not only the essence of certain actions, but also the attitude towards them. If we consider various genres of photography, then the report most accurately conveys the nature of the photographer, his emotional state and professionalism.

If a protest is being filmed, for example, it is in the power of the photographer to show both sides in a positive light. An objective view of things is one of the most important character traits that a real photojournalist should have.

Household or genre photography

Transmission using the camera of everyday life belongs to genre photography. Quite often, images have a documentary basis. Genre photos are inherently very similar to reportage photos. A professional must convey life exactly as it is. The picture may show children playing, a grandmother cleaning the yard, a beggar begging, etc.

The difference between a genre photo is the ability to convey the emotional state of not only the photographer, but also the subjects themselves. In the picture you can see joy, tears, disappointment and anger. It can be both a street photo and an indoor shot.

Interior shooting

This genre of photography is indispensable today, although it is quite young. A ready-made interior, created by a professional designer, has its own emotional load. At the same time, the task of the photographer is to convey the idea completely without distortion.

Interior photography is closely related to design. No professional would be able to create a portfolio of their work without the help of an experienced photographer.

The angle is very important in portrait photography. The right point determines how the room will look in the picture. In addition, one element allows you to decorate the entire space. Therefore, the photographer should pay special attention to the most advantageous details of the interior.


This genre of photography is not artistic. Despite this, it is important. There are a huge number of scanners with different technical characteristics. But the photographer will be able to convey the essence of the picture more correctly.

In addition, many old images require special treatment. The paint must not be touched again. Photography is the ability to accurately transfer an image onto paper. And some pictures are made so high quality that it can be quite difficult to distinguish a photo from the original.

Nude photography

The naked human body is a popular subject of filming today. In fact, this genre has been around for a long time. Everyone knows that artists liked to depict their women without clothes. As soon as the first artistic photograph appeared, the Nu style was born. This genre has occupied one of the most important places for many centuries.

Most often, the object of photography are girls. It can be both street photography and studio photography. A naked body in the pictures can only cause positive emotions. No anger or disgust.

Nude style is often intertwined with everyday photography. These genres of photography co-exist perfectly. For example, a naked girl can be depicted doing her daily chores or sunbathing on the beach.