Art is magic. Magic that works wonders with our brains and perceptions. Contemplating a work of art that excites us, we literally respond to it, using our physical body, cells, and brain. It’s like an electric current passes through us. And, despite the fact that today many museums and galleries have posted their digitized archives on the Internet, nothing can compare with going to a museum.

Why does the contemplation of works of art have such a great influence on us? Scientific studies have shown that viewing landscapes speeds up the recovery process after illness and reduces stress in general. In addition, the understanding of art helps us to know the essence of three very important realities:

  • Reality of this world;
  • The reality of other people;
  • The reality of yourself.

Reality of the world

The diversity of our world is amazing. Beauty and grandeur can be seen everywhere: in the silhouette of an old building, a snow-covered street, the ocean surf, in a simple clay cup. The main thing is to take a step and go out the door, stop thinking and seeing things around us on “autopilot”. How can we give up this “autopilot”, make a hole in the wall of everyday life – there is only one answer: with the help of art.

Art is not always easy or enjoyable. On the contrary, sometimes works of art can cause conflicting or even negative feelings in us. But if, after looking at the picture, the blood moved faster through the veins, if our brain worked faster, we have something to say, then this picture awakened a certain spark in us, opened the doors to reality, made us look at the world differently. The goal of art has been achieved.

Reality with other people

We were all naughty little kids once. Try, make the baby do what he does not want. It’s damn hard! Children live in a self-centered world, children are selfish. They simply do not yet know how to feel the emotions of other people and empathize. They don’t have a sense of empathy. Empathy is not an innate skill, but one that develops over the years. What is the connection with art?

The most immediate. Art allows us to develop the skill of empathy. After all, looking at a work of art, we willy-nilly look at the world through the eyes of the creator. At least we are trying to see what the artist saw. Even if the author himself is not with us for a long time. We can see the era in which he lived, feel his feelings. What is that, if not empathy?

But it’s one thing when we look at the works of the classics, but what if they are abstract works by Rothko or Jackson Pollock? It is more difficult here: after all, we will have to feel what the abstract artists felt. It’s also a great empathy exercise.

Being alone next to works of art, we will never feel alone. Next to us will be their creators, real people who really lived, created, rejoiced, suffered, and conveyed all this range of feelings to their works.

The reality of oneself

We humans are strange creatures. On the one hand, we are all like little selfish children who do not think about the feelings and experiences of other people. On the other hand, we are social beings, society and its assessments are important to us.

We are in constant stress from the reality around us, we get tired at work, we live in a state of “autopilot”. What can help us get out of this vicious circle, to feel the fullness of life, to know our own emotions, our “I”? Art, of course. Looking at works of art, we experience different emotions that bring us out of a state of mental blindness.

We begin to feel the world around us and ourselves again. Some art forms are complex and intellectual, others are decorative. But they all make us feel and think. Therefore, even if some works are frankly incomprehensible to us, it is not scary: the main thing is to develop your brain, make it think, and make your soul feel. This is how we get to know ourselves.

How to start watching art and enjoy it

If you decide to join the art, start with something simple: it can even be an online resource. First, decide what you would like to see: abstractionism? Photo works? Classics?

Everything is found on the web. Some prefer picture albums, art books, and even films. You can choose from several blogs or museum sites and be alone with the artworks from the comfort of your home. Great weekend evening!